We have put a lot of time, energy and financial resources into researching the information that we freely provide on this website. If you are using our information we would appreciate you noting your resource, by referring back to us here at KokeshiVillage.com Thank you.

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All About Kokeshi

The information found in these pages are intended for educational purposes. I am not an expert on the subject matter but simply a casual collector of Kokeshi Dolls. I appreciates their beauty & am intrigued by their history. I came across Kokeshi while searching for mineral spheres, another one of my hobbies, and found their simplistic design so irresistibly charming I just had to get one. As all things are with me, curiosity took over and I wanted to know more. I scoured the internet and public library for Information which did not prove to be easy because information in the "English" form was scarce and not easily found; through countless hours (ok let's say months, I lose track of time too easily) of searching the web, forums and poorly translated Japanese sites I was able to gather the information complied in these pages, I hope you find them as helpful as I have. A special thanks to all those who have generously given of their time to explain the phonetics, history and the process of creation involved in bringing to existence these beautiful wooden dolls. In particular Hashimoto-San who without hesitation, graciously, answered my unsolicited e-mails. Kazuko M. from Japanstop who also graciously assit me with artisan signature translations. Let me not forget to mention Linda Hiroshi from Kyoto Traditions who has also graciously answered questions from me. I am sure there is much more information out there regarding these beautifully crafted wooden dolls, I will attempt to keep these pages updated as I learn more about Kokeshi. Your comments and any information you wish to share, or if you have a question (I might have an answer or can help you find one?) please feel free to contact me Brossia@soulportals.com

P.S Don't forget to explore the links and images, some expand and or change when your mouse is over them and provide helpful information or examples of the underlined word / image.