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Info in English (Books, PDFs)

Books in English some are out of print. However, we've managed to find some new releases that are affordable and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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Kokeshi Jidai Magazines

Magazines that are more like books. Information is primarily in Japanese but also features Artisan's names in English. Loads of pictures feauturing Traditional Kokeshi.

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Online Resources

Social Media, Online Retailers, and other informational sites.

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Jetro Kokeshi  Kokeshi Dolls by JETRO 1955, contains 28 pages and was published in 1955 by the New York/Tokyo Jetro/Japan Society. There are approximately 70 Kokeshi pictured with their respective titles and makers last name. A really great picture book published by the Jetro Museum for one of their Kokeshi Exhibitions. The index list many artisans and the names of their pieces however not all were pictured in the book. The book is out of print. (English Book)  Shido Shouzan Kokeshi Book  Japanese Vintage Wooden Kokeshi Doll Book by Shido Shozan 128 pages printed in 1971. Currently out of Print but available through auction sites, and antique book stores. (Japanese Book)  CREATIVE KOKESHI DOLL BY Nobori Yamanaka  Modern Kokeshi Nostalgia by Nobori Yamanaka 1978. 183 pages with color and black & white photos on pages 7 through 62. Each picture has the makers information in Japanese.  Alan Scott Pate - Japanese Ningyo 2008  Japanese Dolls, the Fascinating World of Ningyo by Alan Pate Scott Hardcover: 272 pgs  Publisher: Tuttle Publishing; Hardcover w/Jacket edition (April 15, 2008)		 Language: English  ISBN-10: 4805309229  ISBN-13: 978-4805309223   Book covers different types of Japanese dolls. (English) 
Exhibition Catalogue Shibukawa City  Kokeshi Exhibition Catalogues. The books have beautiful images of Sosaku (Modern) Kokeshi. The artist is pictured with some of the Kokeshi, along with the title of the doll and a bio of the artist. (Japanese)  Series: Color Books, Title:Kokeshi its tradition & creativity, Publication year : 1983, Supervising Editor : NOBORU YAMANAKA  This Kokeshi book has 153 illustrated pages, contains a few Trditional Kokeshi but primarily has Modern Creative Kokeshi Dolls. It was meant to be a pocket book that collectors could carry and use as a quick reference. The name of the Artist is listed along with the image, however the book is in Japanese. It is currently out of print. Although many auction sites and antique book stores still may offer it for sale.  Kokeshi Book Ultimate List of Makers  Kokeshi Book Ultimate List of Makers. This is a pocket book listing Traditional Kokeshi Makers, it contains a picture of the Artisan, their name and Kokeshi Strain they produce. The book is in Japanese and it is out of print.  Treasure Box Series of Kokeshi Maiden  Treasure Box Series of Kokeshi Maiden by Yumi Yamamoto - the book contains 144 pages and was released on 09/06/2013 ISBN-13 978-4766125283 and ISBN-10 4766125282. It is written in Japanese but has a lot of pictures of Traditional Kokeshi 
Traditional Kokeshi Pattern Collection Book Ltd Ed  Traditional Kokeshi Pattern Collection Book Ltd Ed  Published by Iwasaki Fine Arts original. Author Bunsaku Tachibana. Original price 22,000 Yen.  Contains color illustrations of well over 208 Traditional Kokeshi Patterns. Only 705 of these were produced and each sheet appears to have been individually painted. Beautiful texture to the paper a really cool book to have if you love Traditional Kokeshi.  Kokeshi Jiten (Dictionary)   Published by Publishing Hall Tokyo (1971), ASIN: B000J93SH4, Released in 1971  Contains information, in Japanese, on Traditional Kokeshi it is printed in B&W with reference pictures. Currently out of print.  Kokeshi book in French by Laetitia Hebert and available through her website   Folkeshi   Even if you don't read French the book is filled with wonderful photos that any Kokeshi loving fan will enjoy.