Kokeshi Jidai Magazines

Magazines that are more like books. Information is primarily in Japanese but also features Artisan's names in English. Loads of pictures feauturing Traditional Kokeshi.

We have put a lot of time, energy and financial resources into researching the information that we freely provide on this website. If you are using our information we would appreciate you noting your resource, by referring back to us here at KokeshiVillage.com Thank you.

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Vol 1 Tsugaru  First release of kokeshi Jidai Magazine Vol 1. It featured Tsugaru Kokeshi and only 1,000 copies were printed. It was distributed with a free poster  Vol 2 Nanbu Kina Kina  This is the second release for Kokeshi Jidai Magazine Vol 2. It featured Nanbu Kokeshi. Issue included free Kokeshi bookmarks. These magazines are more like books. They are written in Japanese but feature some text in English primarily the artisans names.  Vol 3 Tsuchiyu  This release Vol 3 featured Tsuchiyu Kokeshi.This issue  came with a beautiful Kokeshi cloth banner.  Vol 3.5 Tuschiyu Nakanosawa  Vol 3.5 Featured more Tsuchiyu Kokeshi & included Nakanosawa Kokeshi as well. It was distributed with a free Kokeshi ball point pen & was published in March 2012 
Vol 4 Yamagata Sakunami  Vol 4 Featured Sakunami Kokeshi. Issue came with a picture book of Tsunami stricken Tohoku area. It was published 04//12  IMG 0254  Kokeshi Smile in Tohoku a free book distributed with Kokeshi Jidai Vol 4. It was written to raise awareness and funds for the Tohoku district which was greatly affected by the Tsunami.  Vol 5 Naruko  Vol 5 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. It featured Naruko Kokeshi published 09/12  Vol 6 Kijiyama  Vol 6 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. Featuring Kijiyama Kokeshi it came with a free Kokeshi Handkerchief & was published in 12/12 
Vol 7 Yajiro  Vol 7 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. Yajiro Kokeshi were covered in this issue. A free Music CD by the "Kokeshi" band was part of the packaging pub. 05/13  Vol 8 Naruko  Vol 8 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine.Naruko Kokeshi gets another look (those made outside of Naruko too). A free Kokeshi shaped mailer was included with this issue pub. 09/13  Vol 9 Yamagata   Vol 9 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. Yamagata Kokeshi are featured in this issue. Free Tohoku region poster, bookmark and postcard.  Vol 10 Kokeshi Jidai - Tsugaru (regular edition)  Zao Kokeshi regular edition, free postcards included only difference between ltd edition is no tiny Zao Kokeshi. 
Vol 10 Kokeshi Jidai - Tsugaru  Vol 10 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. Limited edition 700 copies only. Hardcover 229 pages. Zao Kokeshi free mini Kokeshi and 3 postcards. pub 04/14  Vol 11 Tsugaru  Vol 11 Kokeshi Jidai Magazine. This edition revisits Tsugaru Kokeshi and has an excluive Kon Akira booklet which contains many of his Kokeshi designs. Kon Akira Kokeshi are very popular in Japan.  Vol 12 Togatta  This is Kokeshi Jidai Volume 12 which contains information related to Togatta Kokeshi. It was distributed with an additional booklet feauturing Sato Eitaro Kokeshi.  V 12 Togatta Sato Eitaro  Kokeshi Jidai Vol 12 booklet feauturing Sato Eitaro. 
Vol 13 Hijiori  This is Kokeshi Jidaai Volume 13 which contains information related to Hijiori Kokeshi. It came with some cool Hijiori Stickers.