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A virtual collection of Kokeshi, both Traditional and Sosaku. The images in this album have been collected for several years through various online sources. I hope that in sharing these images they will facilitate the identification of Kokeshi in your collections. I hope to share knowledge to those looking to learn more about this beautiful art form and the Artistic Japanese Masters who create them.

If you would like to contribute to the Kokeshi Village Virtual Kokeshi Album Collection, please send an email to Soulportals @ jalbum.net with the subject "Wooden Treasure Trove". Please remember to include any information related to the artist you may have. In sending the image you grant Kokeshi Village permission to post the image to the site. Images will be posted once information regarding the photographed Kokeshi and the Artist is available and or has been validated to ensure that it is correctly labeled and in its respective album folder

Yusa Fukuju bio  Yusa Fukuju Dento 2  Yusa Fukuju Dento 1  Yusa Fukuju Dento 4 
Yusa Fukuju Dento 5  Yusa Fukuju Dento 3  Hoju (Treasure ball) by Yusa Fukuju 1960 Award won  Yusa Fukuju Sosaku 1 
Yusa Fukuju  Yusa Fukuju-2  Yusa Fukuju 4 (1930 - 2001)  Yusa Fukuyu 2 
Yusa Fukuyu 3