We have put a lot of time, energy and financial resources into researching the information that we freely provide on this website. If you are using our information we would appreciate you noting your resource, by referring back to us here at Thank you.

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News, and are solely owned by "Madelyn". Many volunteers have helped and contributed to the growth of the site I thank them for their time and generosity. has two redirects and why?

Initially soulportals was a domain for all my collections and poetry. Eventually I began filtering everything out until it became mostly a reference site for all things Kokeshi. Because Soulportals (SP) was already known and bookmarked by many users we kept the initial domain name and created the two additional ones in hope of eventually transferring everything over. KokeshiVillage would be for our group and all the information contained within and KokeshiTrends would be for our Online Journal. At this point we feel it is best to leave well enough alone, perhaps in the not so near future we may make some changes.

After many years of being an active resource for Kokeshi we have had the honor of being referenced and mentioned in various publications. I've started to compile a list, as this had never come to my mind until someone mentioned it to me. Many thanks to authors, journalist and other websites that have shared our website. We are happy that we could be of assistance in your Kokeshi journey.

Book Mentions

Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi; The World of Japanese Kokeshi Dolls; (English)
Laetitia Hébert; Kokeshi, l’art des poupées japonaises; (French)
Michael Evans and Robert Wolf; Sosaku Kokeshi Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement
Dr. Marta Garrett; Kokeshi do (The Kokeshi Way);
Shuz Saya; Kokeshi and Friends: Adventures in Time Picture Book

Event Pamphlets

Muscatine Art Center; The Kokeshi collection of Kristin McHugh; Kokeshi Exhibition Brochure "The Art of Japanese Kokeshi" by Maitland Kyles. Address: 1314 Mulberry Ave, Muscatine, IA 52761; September 3, 2022 through November 2022