Our Wish List

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wishlist  KatoTatsuo  Interested in all Kato Tatsuo Kokeshi.  Yuuji Okamoto (2)  Interested in all Yuuji Okamoto Kokeshi  Yoshie Okamoto  Interested in all Yoshie Okamoto Kokeshi 
Yuji Wantanabe (4)  Interested in all types of Yuji Watanabe Kokeshi  Yoshino Ichikyo (2)  Interested in all Yoshino Ichikyo Kokeshi  Takashi Yoshida  多加志作  Interested in all Yoshida Takashi Kokeshi  Ikuyoshi Yokotsuka2  Interested in all Ikuyoshi Yokotsuka (Yokoduka Ikuo) Kokeshi 
Yahagi child 3  Interested in Yahagi Khiko Kokeshi  Yasunobu Oki  Interested in all Yasunobu Oki  Yachiyo Ishizone ycyumemirukoro  Yachiyo Ishizoe Kokeshi  Uchida Shinchiro (1)  Uchida Shinchiro 
Tsuda Jirou  Tsuda Jirou Kokeshi  Takashi Yoshida (2)  Yoshida Taakashi  Tanaka Nobueda  Tanaka Nobueda  Tokumaru Etsuko 3  Tokumaru Etsuko 
Takashi Kojima  Takashi Kojima  Takahashi Hashime (20)  This specific Kokeshi by Takahashi Hashime  Makino Hitoshi Evening Red  All Makino Hitoshi  Asami SHida  MexiKokeshi 
Miura Setsuko (9)  Miura Setsuko  eden rose 1  Sato Gahiro  s-l1600[3]  All Suisan Kokeshi  Akitsune Tanaka (1)  This specific doll Akitsune Tanaka and all others 
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (3)  Bouroullec’s Kokeshi  Fumio Tomidokoro Kitakaze - north wind  Fumio Tomidokoro