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Books in English some are out of print. However, we've managed to find some new releases that are affordable and can be purchased on
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site thumb   Kokeshi Trends  Journal  published by and Kokeshi All Rights Reserved (C)  The Little Kokeshi Doll From Fukushima by Sunny Seki  Book is written in both Japanese and English. The story is centered around a little girl named Kana-chan who lives in Fukushima and works in a hot spring where she is known for her kindness to others, cleverness and bravery. One day her village is faced with a big challenge, and it is then that the birth of Kokeshi begins, all thanks to Kana-chan. You will have to buy this book to find out what that challenge is, I promise it is a beautiful, loving story that weaves the subjects of family, strength, persistence and most important of all, love. All the while treating your visual senses to masterfully illustrated scenes full of vividly colored characters depicting each part of the story. If you love stories, or if you have children that love stories this will certainly become a favorite. Visit  Sunny Seki's  site for more info.  An Invitation To Kokeshi Dolls by Chizuko Takeuchi   Title: An invitation to kokeshi dolls  Authors: Chizuko Takeuchi, Roberta Stephens Publisher: Tsugaru Shobo, 1982 Length: 86 pages Out of Print Great resource of information on Traditional Kokeshi written in English. It also list many of the artisans that were producing Kokeshi, at the time of printing. The Artisans DOBs and Masters are also referenced.  Manami Okazaki  Bio Okazaki Manami author of Kokeshi, from Tohoku with Love. 
Kokeshi from Tohoku with Love Book - Kingyo Books  Kokeshi, from Tohoku With Love by Okazaki, Manami. Product Identifiers   ISBN-10 9881250706  ISBN-13 9789881250704    This is a welcomed and much awaited for book about Kokeshi. The Author interviewed many traditional Kokeshi artisans and provided a look into what drives them to create Kokeshi. The tradition, the love and the artistry behind each piece. It has 208 pages, a well balanced book with plenty of pictures and alot of information.  Kokeshi from Tohoku with Love is the second edition  Okazaki Manami does it again, a 2nd release of the original book "Kokeshi from Tohoku With Love".  The book includes extended interviews with artisans more pictures and stories. Although the book features Traditional Kokeshi it is a great read and a must have for Traditional and Creative Kokeshi Lovers. The book contains 250 pages.  ISBN-10 9881250730  ISBN-13 9789881250735  kokeshiCover 3d1[1]  Kokeshi book by Michael Evans and Robert Wolf titled "Kokeshi Wooden Treasures of Japan". It contains many Sosaku Kokeshi images with their names for a long time it was one of the only available resources in English about Kokeshi. ISBN: 0975957007 The book can be purchased on the authors  website.  Sosaku Kokeshi  This book titled "Sosaku Kokeshi - A New Look At An Old Tradition" is by Michael Evans and Robert Wolf. It is the second book published by these authors related to Kokeshi. It was just published this year (2015). The book contains 205 pages and contains many pictures of Modern Kokeshi (very few traditional are included). The author's name, a short bio and the name of the Kokeshi is provided where information is available. The book can be purchased directly from the authors  website  or through their Amazon store. (English Book) 
Jenifer McDowell.PDF   Jennifer McDowell, Continued and Created Traditions   PDF FILE   I'd like to extend my gratitude to Jennifer McDowell for being so gracious to allow to directly link to this wonderful disertation on Kokeshi. Please stay tuned for more on McDowell.