Takahashi Akinori

1957 - Present
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Takahashi Akinori bio  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Akinori Takahashi is son of Hashime Takahashi. He is running Hashime Kobo Labo in Sendai and is into other crafts such as bowl making, he hardly makes Kokeshi and thus his are harder to find. Kokeshi stands 7.9 inches tall.  Tsubaki no Ko  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  A Miyagi Prefecture best in show design by Takahashi-San titled Tsubaki no ko. Beautiful Kokeshi stands 7.9 inches tall.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  This Kokeshi is just beautiful upclose the delicate, yet details flowers with just enough of the branch showing is incredible. This Kokeshi stands 7 inches tall. Elegant Camellia 
Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Kokeshi features beautiful Red Camelia pattern by Takahashi-San. It stands 7 inches tall.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Here is a beautiful representation of hand dyed yuzen blue silk. It stands 7 inches tall has a Kasuri Kimono Pattern.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Pink version of hand dyed yuzen silk representation. It stands 7 inches tall.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  7 inches tall, white plum flower (ume) 
Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Kawaii cute, Osage type, braided hair girl Kokeshi. It stands 6 inches tall and is a pretty hefty piece.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  7 inches tall  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Flower Child by Akinori Takahashi stands 6 inches tall. Certainly not the typical design one is use to with Takahashi-san Kokeshi. I cant even count the number of times I have checked the hanko seal on this Kokeshi to ensure it is by Akinori.  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Akane Cloud N Symphony 
Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Akane Cloud 36 cm  Takahashi Akinori (高橋 昭倫)  Symphony 36 cm