Suigai Sato

Born in 1920 started Kokeshi making in 1949.
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Sato Suigai bio  Suigai Sato  Sato Suigai, born in 1920 in the town of Yoshioka, he started Kokeshi making in 1949. Suigai is a pseudonym and it is taken from the name of his teacher, Mr. Suiun Komuro under whom he had studied Japanese painting. Born in Gunma Prefecture of Japan, he began making Kokeshi dolls in 1949. He had received numerous awards including the prestigious Prime Ministers Award in 1966.  Suigai Sato  Suigai Sato  The top knot hair piece is missing on this Kokeshi 
Suigai Sato  Sato Suigai Mums  Suigai Sato  Sato Suigai Spring Ume Plum Blossoms  Suigai Sato  Suigai Sato 
Suigai Sato  Suigai Sato  Suigai Sato  Sato Suigai beautiful obi and rhinestone  Can you help identify this Artist? 
Sato Suigai Sakura 35 cm