Shitō Shōzan

Born in 1932 ~ 1995

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Shitō Shōzan  Name often seen as "Shido" However, several old exhibition booklets translate his name to Shitō.  Shitō Shōzan Picture  Born in 1932 and raised in Oita prefecture where he started to create Kokeshi in 1957 his creative works were recognized with numerous awards like the prime minister prize. His Kokeshi are highly coveted by collectors and thus are hard to find. 13 Image 13 Dolls  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) ?  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) ? 
Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) ?  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) ?  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) ?  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) Kato No Kage - Shadow of the Ancient City  Shido Shouzan - Kato No Kage meaning "Shadow of the Ancient City". Museum Quality 16.5 inches. 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shido Shouzan titled "Osono". This Kokeshi was featured in the "Wooden Treasures of Japan" book, it stands 16 inches tall.  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) Mai - Dancer  One of my favorite Kokeshi, the hairstyle is reminiscent of an elgance. The long navy blue dress stunning, as the grains of wood peek through the ink to define it's texture. The natural wood colored obi with the large bowtie just seals the deal. A starry night out, with this beauty, strolling through Yamagata comes to mind.  Shitō Shōzan Vintage  (志形尚山)  Not in typically seen Shido Shouzan form, after researching I found the hanko to be a match to his earlier Kokeshi. This is a beautiful piece, the green color is quite different, the round top certainly draws the eyes to the beautiful neckline and gentle facial features that typically grace Shouzan Kokeshi.  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Hatsune - A lady  Shido Shouzan Hatsune - A lady. Museum Class 28 inches. This Kokeshi design has been featured in multiple books. Including self published book by Shouzan.  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) Yayoi - Full Life  Shido Shouzan's Yayoi she stands 75 cm tall. The details on this Kokeshi are simple but beautiful and the technique alone is so well executed that the mastery of Shouzan is clearly understood. : 尚山こけし  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Yayoi Full of Life  Shido Shouzan Yayoi - Full of Life close up pictures  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Hokage 灯影 Meaning Flicker of Light  A second, Hokage Kokeshi by Shido Shouzan. Her beautiful elongated body, and the light wood  with just a touch of rokuro lines give her such poise. The warm facial feautures are inviting, and soothing a quiet calm look and feel to this Kokeshi. Resemblance of Elegance. 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Hokage 灯影 Meaning Flicker of Light  This Kokeshi has been featured in many books, including self published book by Shouzan. It stands 16 1/4 tall. Her name is Hokage meaning Flickering of Light. I could see how the slender elongated body, with the nihongami hair  resemble a candlestick of sorts.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Fuju no shojo - Winter Girl  Shido Shouzan Kokeshi titled "Yamasato"  meaning expression or inner dream it is 8in tall.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Yukiguni no Warabe - Child in snow country  Shido Shouzan 6 Yukiguni no Warabe - Child in snow country. Museum Size 15.5 inches. Feautured in self published photo book by Shouzan.  Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) 
Shitō Shōzan  (志形尚山) Fuju no shojo - Winter Girl  Shido Shouzan, Yukinko, Snow Country Kid. About 8in tall. The design is feautured in Shouzan's self published photo book.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Yukinko  These usually are seen in a set of 3 and are Yukinko snow children, keeping warm from the chill of the winter.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Waiting for Spring  Having had too much winds and cold, these little ones await, warmly bundled, for the spring to bring the warmth of the sun.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Shido Shouzan Kitakaze North Wind  Ready for the strong winds. Shido Shouzan executes a beautiful pair of Kokeshi protecting their heads, and necks from the wind with vibrant scarfs. One can imagine the fringes just flapping away as the wind passes through them.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Kitaguni - Wintery Weather  This, Shido Shouzan, Kokeshi set titled "Kitakaze" meaning "North Wind" appears to be a scaled down version of a larger set. I believe this set was part of the "Kokeshi Club" group & was distributed by the club. They often feautured well known artisans in their monthly Kokeshi distributions. It is 3 in tall.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shido Shouzan, this Kokeshi stands 10 7/8 inches tall. I felt it fitting to display her in a background of wind and snow, as she seemed ready for the winter in her autumn colored coat and beautiful scarf.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  11.5 Inches tall, Shido Shouzan Caligraphy brushes.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Caligraphy Bamboo Brush 34 cm 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) Caligraphy Brushe Set  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  10 in Caligraphy Brush Kokeshi  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shido Shouzan 4 3/4 inches. Although small in height, this Kokeshi is quite heavy and wide. Certainly stands out on display.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  I just love the way the wood grain flows through out this piece. Shido was brilliant at picking just the right way to show off the grain and make his design charm us with its simple yet elegant design. 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan - Dojo (志形尚山)  Beautiful wood grain pattern on hair design. Chattered body kimono is brilliantly carved giving it lots of character. Titled Dojo.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shido Shouzan, Kokeshi stands 9 3/4 Tall. 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Another elegant design by Shouzan. I particularly like the shades of green and orange not too bright but serene. The hair parted and outlining the soft, facial, feautures of this lovely lady.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山) 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Darumasan  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  These hold their own beauty. Shouzan executes his traditional Kokeshi with a flare, you can detect in the eyes, which easily portray, that they wish to be something different, something more. 
Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  What contrast from Shouzan's creative form. His traditional Yamagata Kokeshi all sport these wide angled, whale eyes, with raised, immersed in thought, looking eyebrows.  While his Sosaku Kokeshi all have single, slim lined eyes.  Shitō Shōzan (志形尚山)  Yamagata Kokeshi by Shido Shouzan 9 1/2 in tall. Wonderful execution of Tegara Ribbons on the head and side hair tufts.