Okamoto Usaburo

Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1917.

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This profile was captured from the Official  Usaburo website .  Oshin Babysitter Kokeshi  Usaburo Vintage Babysitter or Oshin large size  Usaburo  Chiisana Aki - Small Flowers  Usaburo Factory  Although unsigned this doll is typical of an Usaburo Factory Kokeshi and has been attributed to Usaburo unless otherwise informed. 
Usaburo  Flower Road  Title:	Yume-Kokoro Size:	7 in Weight:	275g Condition:	New Signed:	Name and Sig Plate  Usaburo  Flower Road 2  Title:	Yume-Kokoro Size:	7 in Weight:	275g Condition:	New Signed:	Name and Sig Plate  Usaburo Yume Kokoro Red.  Title:	Yume-Kokoro Size:	7 in Weight:	275g Condition:	New Signed:	Name and Sig Plate  Jaw2006  Theme:	American US Forces Size:	7 in Condition:	New Signed:	Name and Sig Plate Comment:	Ltd Ed. Made for USA Navy Familys based in Yokosuka. American Flag and Cherry Day 2006. Written on the back USN-JMSDF Wives Group 
Okinawa Japan  Theme:	Okinawa - Japan Size:	7.5 in Condition:	New Signed:	Hanko Seal Comment:	American and Japanese Flag  USS Lasen  USS Hawk  Miffy by Usaburo 
Dragon Flies Windup Music Box  Title:	Akatonbo - Dragonfly Theme:	Music Box Size:	5 in Condition:	New Signed:	No Comment:	Dragonflies are bearers of happiness and luck in Japan.  Plum Blossoms Music Windup Kokeshi  Hydrangea Music Box  Song is a classic Japanese titled, "Shiki No Uta".  Red Camellia Music Box Kokeshi 
Sumi-e Ink Design  Size:	7 in Condition:	Very Good Signed:	Bottom Hanko Seal  Chrysanthemums  Size:	4.5 in Weight:	120g Condition:	New Signed:	Bottom Hanko Seal  Harvest  Harvest 
Hydrangea by the Usaburo Factory  Usaburo Nekoyanagi, Pussy Willow  Scenic Shinto Design  Winter Berries 
Usaburo  Usaburo  Sumi-e Ink Design  Winter Camelia 
Yokota Japan  Camellia  Plum blossom  Usaburo Autumn  Title:	 Kaede - Autumn Leaves Size:	12 in Condition:	Vintage 1990s Signed:	Yes 
Usaburo - Kaerimichi  Title:	Kaerimichi Size:	6.5 in Condition:	New Signed:	Nameplate and Hanko  Usaburo  Usaburo Kita no Kuni  Usaburo Kita no Kuni 
Usaburo Kita no Kuni  Usaburo  Sailing Hime Dolls  Masubasho 
Usaburo - Wedding Set  Usaburo Factory  Hitoeobi - An obi Cherry Blossoms award winner made of Paulownia wood.  Usaburo Factory  Okame & Usobuki 
Okame & Usobuki  Usaburo Hina Set  Usaburo Hina Set  Okamoto Hiroyuki Cat and Octopus 
Usaburo Factory  Usaburo Factory