Kunio Miyakawa

Born in 1933
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Kunio Miyagwa bio  Miyakawa Kunio  Award winning Kokeshi titled Aye-Aye meaning support, agreement, favor. I have seen this set where the male is wearing a green scarf.  Miyakawa Kunio  Aye-Aye back view  Miyakawa Kunio 
Miyakawa Kunio depicting Wheat Harvest  Born in 1933 started making Kokeshi when he was around 23 years old. He is a multi-award winner including the Prime Minister Award which he won twice.  Miyakawa Kunio 3  Miyagawa  Miyagawa Kunio Fall Color Beauty 
Miyakawa Kunio  KunioMiyakawa3  KunioMiyakawa1  KunioMiyakawa2 
Miyakawa Kunio Crane  Miyakawa Kunio Camelia  Miyagawa Kunio Jyushin-Pure Heart  Miyakawa Kunio 4 
Miyakawa Kunio Hair Bow  Miyakawa Kunio