Kishi Sadao

1932 - 1998

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1 Kishi Sadao bio  Kishi Sadao (岸 貞夫)  Born in 1932 - 1998 and has passed. He was a mutli award winning artist. He won top prize, Prime Minister Award more than once.  Kishi Sadao (岸 貞夫)  This Kokeshi is called Mushin (emptiness of mind), and sometimes referenced as Seishin No Komugi - Spirit of the Wheat. The design won the prime ministers award in 1968.  Kishi Sadao (岸 貞夫)  This Kokeshi it titled Hahaoya to ko meaning Mom and child. 
Kishi Sadao (岸 貞夫)  Kishi Sadao A Lady (岸 貞夫)  Kishi Sadao A Lady (岸 貞夫)  Sadao Kishi (岸 貞夫)