Kazuo Takamizawa

Born 1927
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Takamizawa Kazuo bio  Kazuo Takamizawa  Kantsubaki - Camellia Girl  Kazuo Takamizawa  Red Camelia  Kazuo Takamizawa or Fumio Tomidokoro 
Kazuo Takamizawa  Kokeshi by Kazuo Takamizawa - Yasu meaning Peaceful  Kazuo Takamizawa  Kazuo Takamizawa 
Kazuo  Mystery solved: Kokeshi identified to be by Kazuo. Thank you to K.Woods for providing this information. Additionally thanks to Tomoko from Manoacat collectibles for validating the information  Kazuo Takamizawa  Kazuo Takamizawa  Kazuo Takamizawa 
Kazuo Takamizawa