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Kokeshi by Kato Hiroshi very similar to Kokeshi by Seiju Kon. His date of birth and death is unknown. He was an artist who was active only in the 1960s for a period of about 10 years. So, his works are very rare (11 in)  She is 11 Inches Tall 1960s by Kato Hiroshi. Little is known of this artist if you have any information please contact me so I can update here. Thank you.  Kato Hiroshi -Tsuki Meaning Moon (15 in)  Tsuki Meaning Moon - She is 15 1/4 inches Tall by Kato Hiroshi  Kato Hiroshi Sakura  Kato Hiroshi (17 in) 
Kato Hiroshi -Tsuki Meaning Moon (11 3/4 in)  Kato Hiroshi 4