Hideo Ishihara

1925 - 1999
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Hideo Ishihara Bio  Hideo Ishihara - Akatonbo Red Dragon Fly (21.5 / 18 in) : aka-tombo, beni-tombo, dragonfly, red Dragon-Fly, pink dragon-fly, mums, chrysanthemum  Hideo Ishihara - Dojo. (9.5 in)  Title: Dojyo - Young Girl  Ishihara was originally registered as a Naruko artisan. His grandfather Iwataro Onuma who is believed to be the originator of the Naruko Traditional Kokeshi. Although Ishihara studied & learned Naruko Kokeshi making he found it too restricting & decided to start making Creative Kokeshi. He won over 60 prizes including the Prime Ministers Award. (1925 ~1999 at age 74)  Ishihara Hideo (6 in) 
Hideo Ishihara (12 in)  Hideo Ishihara (3 in)  Hideo Ishihara Kurokami Black Hair  Ishihara Hideo (7.5 in)  Title: Yuyake - Red Sunset 
Ishihara Hideo (7 in)  Hideo Ishihara Sato no akari akatonbo : aka-tombo, beni-tombo, dragonfly  Hideo Ishihara Sato no akari mums : chrysanthemum, flower  Ishihara Hideo (4 / 2.5 in)  Title: Dojyo - Young Girl 
Ishihara Hideo (10 in)  Hideo Ishihara (4 in)  Ishihara Hideo (8 in)  Ishihara Hideo (4 in) 
Kuro Douji translates to black boy  Hideo Ishihara Kokeshi Craftman and Woodblock Printer (1925-1999)  Soulportal Collection