Aida Seiho aka Aida Harumine

1926 - 1998
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Aida Harumine aka Aida Seiho Mini-Bio  AIDA HARUMINE 6 in  Born in 1926 - 1998 started crafting Kokeshi in 1947. He is a multi award winning artist. This artist has passed away (1998), his son is Aida Yoshiki. Kokeshi is 6 in tall.  AIDA HARUMINE 8.5 in  Bamboo and Pine Design by Aida Harumine AKA Aida Seiho. This Kokeshi is 8.5 in tall.  AIDA HARUMINE 9.5 in  Kokeshi by Aida Harumine stands 9.5 inches tall. 
Aida Harumine aka Aida Seiho  Aida Harumine aka Aida Seiho  Aida Harumine aka Aida Seiho  A simple yet elegant Kokeshi doll design by this artist. The natural wood grain flowing like bangs across the forehead delicately beveled to contour  the face & bring it into focus inviting the viewer to explore further. The eyes are drawn to the long ponytail braids  that lean against the slender, cylindrical body form of the doll. The body is delicately engraved with a stunning, wavy, wood chatter,  technique that showcases the artisans skill. Three sets of engraved lines are strategically placed along the body, almost as if to give it a sense of movement. The heads' wood grain was carefully selected & placed to give the illusion of hair strands delicately falling into neatly tied braids. The facial features are soft & minimal, two lines slightly tilted inward, & wood burned onto the face with a tiny  set of lips just barely visible. A subtle yet youthful design. This doll is made of enju wood it stands 15 inches tall and is steadied by a wooden base.  AIDA HARUMINE 10.5 in  Title: Michi noku - Snow Country stands 10.5 inches tall. There are two sizes of this doll a smaller one is also made. The doll is made of 3 pieces of wood. The bottom the coat and the head. Not clearly visible in a picture, but upclose, the jacket opening covers the long thin wooden piece that holds the head in place, it is essentially hollow which is why you see this dark centered opening. I did not initially like this feature but it has grown on me. 
AIDA HARUMINE 9 in  Feautures a Cicada in the body design and stands 9 inches tall.  AIDA HARUMINE 9 in  Beautiful Kokeshi by Aida Harumine this one is an award winner it stands 9 inches tall. There are variations of this Kokeshi sometimes with a butterfly other times wih Cicada.  Aida Harumine 5  A beautiful pair by Aida Harumine the tallest is 8 inches and the other 6 inches.  AIDA HARUMINE 8 in  Kokeshi by Aida Harumine called Tomboy. It stands 8 inches tall. 
AIDA HARUMINE 6 3/4 in  This is a factory produced Kokeshi by Aida it is called Tomboy. I was informed that their are several chopmarks and signatures which identify if the Kokeshi was made at the factory, or hand made by Harumine.  Aida Harumine  This beautifully crafted Kokeshi is made of Enyu wood. A delicate wheat motiff draws the eyes to the body. It is titled Bunko which means elegance.  Aida Harumine 9  AIDA HARUMINE 9b 
AIDA YOSHIKI  He was born in 1953. His father is Kokeshi doll artist ''Aida Seiho''