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Please Read First   INSTRUCTIONS:  Before submitting your request for help. Please visit our signature database and try to see if you can identify the signature by matching it to one in the database.  WORD OF CAUTION:  If you submit a request and it could be found in the signature database you will be referred back to the database. (Why? We are all volunteers here and often, time is limited, as many of us have full time jobs. So we want to make sure that resources are being used wisely, and that you have made every effort to ID your doll before posting.)  HOW TO INQUIRE:  Send images to  soulportals@jalbum.net  with the  subject line "Kokeshi Signatures"  of 1) The signature (please make sure it is a clear picture, for the best results, as it is very difficult to read blurred images). 2) A picture of the front and back of the Kokeshi and any other writing or markup on the doll. (Sometimes members can recognize the doll's features before they recognize the signature or it can give us an idea of where to start looking.   WHAT NEXT:  This is the hardest part, "Be Patient" the signature or doll may not be recognized right away. Check back often to see if there are any updates. Unfortunately I cannot respond to all inquiries for help on signatures. Keep in mind that other members like you are contributing information and collaborating on a volunteer basis.  HELP IDENTIFY A SIGNATURE:  If you happen to recognize a signature, every image, (on the bottom of the page) has a menu which begins with "About" then proceeds to "Album Comments". You do not have to register to make a comment, simply type a "Guest Name" and post the information you have in the comment box, then click the submit post button...Voila! all done.  Please help us identify this Kokeshi  Inquiry by Karen Pfaff via KokeshiVillage FBG